Orien Associates technology consulting serves the important purpose of providing valuable I.T solutions whether resource based, technically based, training based. Orien's mission and purpose and what is serves, can be defined as:-

  • Orien are committed to offering services which are professional, reliable, and reputable and focused.
  • By offering a new solutions and ways of working, we aim to become one of the very few consultancy firms which offer a functional three tier consulting model.

The three tier model allows for the more efficient business operations and places recruitment, training, and consultancy services at the helm.The essential part of our mission is that we use our model to ensure services are provided to a high calibre with a competitive edge. In doing this we can add value while ensuring client I.T operations are impacted in a positive way.

Our mission can be summarised by this simple statement.

"Our objective is to become the most highly recommended three-tier modelled I.T consultancy".

This will be achieved through the provision of services which places client and candidate service as its highest priority.

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