Orien's Network Architecture team work within a framework that enables businesses to build an intelligent enterprise wide network infrastructure Orien Associates always look to do this by separating and dividing network designs into a functional model. Orien associates works in a manner that enables customers to build intelligent network infrastructure. Orien associates have specialists that work as:-

  • Network infrastructure consultants
  • The company provides infrastructure services
  • Business applications.
Or consultants always aim to work with you the customer in a manner that will always enable for flexibility in design practices.

The foundation of network and enterprise infrastructure is the enterprise hierarchal methodology Orien associates always look to adhere to the best practices in terms of the way we build our networks. Whether you're designing your infrastructure, migrating infrastructure our solutions will always support scalability growth and expansion. Our team also support and provide network management services. Our team provide control performance monitoring services as well as network fault detection and isolation.

  • Infrastructure services
  • WAN and MAN architecture support services and design
  • Data Centre Architecture Support
  • Enterprise Branch Office
  • Security Services
  • Storage Services
  • Voice Services
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