Orien's strategy has been developed specifically in recognition of the varied nature of the opportunities presented globally.

  Orien has a preference for opportunities with high-growth, regulatory liberalisation, decreasing parastatal activity and minimal requirements for daily operational contacts with government agencies;

  Supplying Businesses with high operating leverage, simple and repeatable processes and a high degree of control over the value chain.

Strategy is only as good as its execution, but a well researched game plan combined with reliable information ensures that the right opportunities are identified and taken forward with successful market entry strategies.

  Orien Associates provides unique value at every stage of a Client's decision-making process

  Assessing the feasibility of a venture to ensuring a successful strategy for timely execution and project completion. We monitor economic, financial, regulatory, legal, competitive and political conditions, both on the ground and in the boardroom.

Orien associates offer services such as recommendations for specific investment options and a risk reward analysis. Advising and assisting in the development of proposals and effective responses to RFPs is the next logical step and one that we are well positioned to support.

Orien Associates is prepared to guide project implementation and ensure that all divisions within the Client's company are working in synch to meet proposed business objectives and financial milestones.

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